Who’s who in IPPO

Professor Joanna Chataway - Principle Investigator

Professor Joanna Chataway

Principle Investigator

Jo has been the Head of Department at STEaPP since 2018, prior to this Joanna has had roles at University of Sussex, The Open University and RAND Europe. With a background in policy research and evidence for policy, science and technology policy, international development, health research and innovation policy and capacity building. Jo will lead and have oversight of the IPPO.

Professor David Gough - Evidence Lead, Co-Investigator

Professor David Gough

Evidence Lead, Co-Investigator

David is a Professor of Evidence Informed Policy and Practice and Director of EPPI-Centre at the Institute of Education where he has worked since 2004. David and his team are responsible for the overall management of the production of evidence products, including a living systematic map of the evidence: In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the EPPI-Centre is maintaining an up-to-date map of the current evidence, partitioned into broad domains for easy exploration.

Geoff Mulgan CBE Engagement Lead - Co-Investigato

Geoff Mulgan CBE

Engagement Lead, Co-Investigator

The former Chief Executive at Nesta for eight years. Prior to this Geoff has worked in the UK Government including as director of the Government Strategy Unit and head of policy in the Prime Minister’s Office. Geoff leads on engagement with demand, brokering and effective communication.

Matt Warren - Co-Investigator

Matt Warren


Matt is the managing director of The Conversation UK’s services arm. Prior to that, he was The Conversation’s Deputy Editor and a Daily Mail features editor. Matt has oversight of the Editorial Project Manager, and helps to support IPPO’s communication work through The Conversation UK.


Mike Herd - Editorial Project Manager

Mike Herd

Editorial Project Manager

Responsible for IPPO’s website and content outputs, Mike is employed by IPPO partner The Conversation to ensure the research needs of policymakers are communicated in a clear and engaging way that can be easily translated into actions. Mike was previously the launch-editor of Guardian Cities and the Inequality Project, and advised on the launch of the Wellcome Trust’s Mosaic.

Ayden Wilson - Observatory Manager

Ayden Wilson

Observatory Manager

Ayden is responsible for the oversight of operations and coordinating activities and meetings. Ayden has worked in the higher education sector for 6 years, and most recently was Department Manager at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy in UCL.

Nick Bibby

Nick Bibby

Policy Engagement Lead for Scotland

Nick is Director of the Scottish Policy & Research Exchange (SPRE), which strengthens links between policy professionals and the academy. Nick and the SPRE team are responsible for liaising with colleagues in the Scottish policy environment and making sure that IPPO outputs take account of the needs of the devolved policy institutions north of the Border.

Chris Taylor

Professor Chris Taylor

Policy Engagement Lead for Wales

Chris is Professor of Social Sciences at Cardiff University and is the Academic Director of the Cardiff University Social Science Research Park (SPARK). Prior to this he was a Co-Director of the Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD) where he continues to lead the WISERD Education Data Lab.

Muiris MacCarthaigh

Muiris MacCarthaigh

Policy Engagement Lead for Northern Ireland

Muiris is Senior Lecturer in Politics and Public Administration at Queen’s University Belfast and the IPPO lead for Northern Ireland. His research engages with a variety of themes within and between political science, public sector governance and public policy.  He is a member of the Steering Committee of the European Group for Public Administration, and Director of the QUB MSc in International Public Policy.

Jayne Finlay

Dr Jayne Finlay

Pivotal Public Policy Forum

Dr Jayne Finlay is the Research and Engagement Officer for the IPPO’s Northern Ireland partner, Pivotal Public Policy Forum. She previously worked as a Researcher in the UNESCO Centre at Ulster University where she was involved in various projects related to equitable education provision for children and young people. Her research expertise lies in the area of prison education and librarianship.

Toby Phillips

Toby Phillips

Blavatnik School of Government

Toby manages the Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker – a team of around a dozen staff and hundreds of volunteers reporting how governments around the world are responding to the pandemic.

Thomas Hale

Dr Thomas Hale

Blavatnik School of Government

Dr Thomas Hale’s research explores how we can manage transnational problems effectively and fairly. He seeks to explain how political institutions evolve–or not–to face the challenges raised by globalization and interdependence, with a particular emphasis on environmental, economic, and health issues. He holds a PhD in Politics from Princeton University, a masters degree in Global Politics from the London School of Economics, and an AB in public policy from Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs. Dr Hale leads the Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker.

Tatjana Buklijas

Tatjana Buklijas


Tatjana Buklijas leads the collaboration between International Network for Government Science and Advice and IPPO, identifying international policy solutions to social problems caused by the pandemic. Tatjana’s background is in social studies, history and philosophy of biomedicine, and she’s Associate Director of Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Futures and Senior Lecturer in Global Studies at The University of Auckland, New Zealand.