Research notes

Browse some of the latest studies on the social impacts of (and responses to) COVID-19

The International Public Policy Observatory holds weekly ‘newsroom’ meetings at which all of our UK and global partner organisations can highlight notable new research relating to the social impacts of, and policy responses to, COVID-19. A selection of these ‘research notes’ can be browsed below.

And if you are an academic working on COVID-related social sciences research that spans any of our broad topic areas (education, mental health, Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, vulnerable communities, housing, care and online life), we’re equally keen to hear about your work. Simply fill in this form and we will be in touch soon.

An Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland: recommendations for improved support

A Scottish Government report led by Derek Feeley, supported by an Advisory Panel of Scottish and international experts At the ...
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The adult social care market in England: insights and recommendations ahead of future social care reforms

National Audit Office (25.03.21) The Department of Health & Social Care is responsible for setting national policy and the legal ...
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Maternal mental health during a pandemic: A rapid evidence review of Covid-19’s impact

Centre for Mental Health and Maternal Mental Health Alliance (16.03.21) Maternal mental health during a pandemic is a rapid evidence ...
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In isolation instead of in school: Young people’s experiences of COVID-19 and effects on mental health and education

Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID), University of Edinburgh (16.03.21) In isolation instead of in school (INISS) ...
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