Research notes

Browse some of the latest studies on the social impacts of (and responses to) COVID-19

The International Public Policy Observatory holds weekly ‘newsroom’ meetings at which all of our UK and global partner organisations can highlight notable new research relating to the social impacts of, and policy responses to, COVID-19. A selection of these ‘research notes’ can be browsed below.

And if you are an academic working on COVID-related social sciences research that spans any of our broad topic areas (education, mental health, Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, vulnerable communities, housing, care and online life), we’re equally keen to hear about your work. Simply fill in this form and we will be in touch soon.

UK in grip of mental health crisis with children worst affected, new analysis finds

Royal College of Psychiatrists (08.04.21) Children and young people are bearing the brunt of the mental health crisis caused by ...
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Inequalities around the globe: what the world sees as most serious

The Policy Institute, King’s College London (26.03.21) Along with disparities in income and wealth (56%), Britons are particularly concerned about ...
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First-dose vaccine effectiveness against SARSCoV-2 infection in residents of Long-Term Care Facilities

Shrotri et al, The Vivaldi Study (26.03.21) We conducted a systematic search for studies which evaluated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine effectiveness in ...
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COVID-19 Studies from the World Health Organization Database

US National Library of Medicine (regularly updated) This is a database of ongoing and completed COVID-19 studies listed on the ...
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The COVID Decade: Understanding the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19

The British Academy: evidence review (23.03.21) The British Academy was asked by the Government Office for Science to produce an ...
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Shaping the COVID Decade: Addressing the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19

The British Academy: COVID-19 policy responses (23.03.21) In September 2020, the British Academy was asked by the Government Office for ...
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Working Paper: Variation in government responses to COVID-19

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. Note: this working paper is regularly updated to reflect the changes in data; ...
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Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media: Experimental evidence for a scalable accuracy-nudge intervention

Pennycook et al, Psychological Science (30.06.20) Across two studies with more than 1,700 US adults recruited online, we present evidence ...
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Nature Scientific Reports: The COVID-19 social media infodemic

Cinelli et al, Nature (06.10.20) We address the diffusion of information about COVID-19 with a massive data analysis on Twitter, ...
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IFS: Family time use and home learning during the COVID-19 lockdown

Institute for Fiscal Studies (21.09.20) In this report, we present analysis of some of the first data on children’s lives ...
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