Research notes

Browse some of the latest studies on the social impacts of (and responses to) COVID-19

The International Public Policy Observatory holds weekly ‘newsroom’ meetings at which all of our UK and global partner organisations can highlight notable new research relating to the social impacts of, and policy responses to, COVID-19. A selection of these ‘research notes’ can be browsed below.

And if you are an academic working on COVID-related social sciences research that spans any of our broad topic areas (education, mental health, Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, vulnerable communities, housing, care and online life), we’re equally keen to hear about your work. Simply fill in this form and we will be in touch soon.

Lessons from research: what can cities do to help young people move into and sustain decent work?

In advance of our hybrid event in Manchester on Young people’s urban futures: what is insecure work like and what ...
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Social capital’s impact on COVID-19 outcomes at local levels

Over the past thirty years, disaster scholars have highlighted that communities with stronger social infrastructure—including social ties that enable trust, ...
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The societal responses to COVID-19: Evidence from the G7 countries

This paper provides a picture of how societies in the G7 countries have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our point ...
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Adding an intelligent data ecosystem to urban planning: a dynamic knowledge graph approach

Ahead of appearing at our Urban Intelligence event on Thursday 7 July at 3 pm BST, Dr. Aurel von Richthofen ...
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COVID-19: How well-protected was the medical profession?

The BMA has launched a review into the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic - from the impact on the ...
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‘It was brutal. It still is’: a qualitative analysis of the challenges of bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic reported in two national surveys

Anna Torrens-Burton (Cardiff University School of Medicine), Silvia Goss, Eileen Sutton and colleagues examine the difficulties faced by people bereaved ...
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An observational cohort study of longitudinal impacts on frailty and well-being of COVID-19 lockdowns in older adults in England and Spain

Research from Lancaster University and the University of Valencia by Ian Garner and colleagues examines the impact of the COVID ...
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Subject to Change: Setting a New Direction for Education and Learning

Listening to and empowering young people and the public to set a new direction for education and learning A new ...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Young People’s Mental Health in the UK: Key Insights from Social Media Using Online Ethnography

Rachel Winter and Anna Lavis, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (January 2022) There is increasing evidence of ...
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Growing up in the Covid-19 pandemic: An evidence review of the impact of pandemic life on physical development in the early years

Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) report by Max Stanford, Pippa Davie and James Mulcahy (Nov 2021) This report is a brief ...
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