Maternal mental health during a pandemic: A rapid evidence review of Covid-19’s impact

Centre for Mental Health and Maternal Mental Health Alliance (16.03.21)

Maternal mental health during a pandemic is a rapid evidence review of the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of women during pregnancy and after they’ve given birth, and the support that’s been available during the pandemic. The report finds that women and their families have faced extra pressures on their mental health, including anxiety about giving birth during lockdown or about becoming unwell, fears about losing employment, and increasing levels of domestic violence. It finds that some groups of women face a higher than average risk of poor mental health, including women of colour and women experiencing economic deprivation. These findings call for the Government to review what is needed to fully support women’s mental health during the perinatal period, and to commit to provide this both in the aftermath of the pandemic and in any future crisis situation.