Inequalities around the globe: what the world sees as most serious

The Policy Institute, King’s College London (26.03.21)

Along with disparities in income and wealth (56%), Britons are particularly concerned about inequalities between more and less deprived areas (51%). Their concern about these place-based inequalities is significantly higher than the European average (39%). Other concerns are seen as relatively less serious and are more in line with opinion across Europe – aside from when it comes to gender inequality, which is viewed as a pressing problem by a greater proportion of Europeans (33%) than Britons (23%).

Women tend to be slightly more concerned than men about various types of inequalities in Britain. For example, women are more likely (55%) than men (48%) to see place-based inequalities as particularly serious. And 40% of women say racial and ethnic inequalities are among the most serious types of inequality in the country, compared with 32% of men who say the same.