Article type: Roundtable report

Cities’ Use of Data and Intelligence: Key Takeaways

IPPO Cities convened a policy roundtable to explore insights from the pandemic for city policymakers on the use of intelligence and data.  The event asked how city policymakers took decisions during the pandemic, what worked and why, and what lessons could be applied to future crises and everyday decision-making.

IPPO Cities at the World Urban Forum: Key Takeaways

Carla Washbourne reports from the World Urban Forum in Katowice, Poland on IPPO Cities’ panel on urban observatories. Carla Washbourne IPPO Cities co-organised a global networking event for urban observatories at the World Urban...

IPPO Basic Income Roundtable Report

Officials, experts in basic income, academics and those who work with care experienced young people, met in Cardiff to discuss the trial and under what circumstances it might be considered a success.